DJ Beppe Loda - Portrait Of Electronic Music [2021]

A1: A Baby Called Billy, A2: Storm Column, A3: Sex Is Out, B1: Delta One, B2: Cor Corona, B3: Sun's Out Over Kreuzberg, C1: Uranium, C2: Eline Cout 2, C3: Question Of Time, D1: Ceasar In Camerun, D2: Los Niños Del Parque, D3: Opinions

DJ Beppe Loda - Bisbi [2021]

A1: Invocation Intro, A2: Funky Boogie, A3: Jerky Rhythm, A4: Toque De Cuica, B1: Jam On The Groove, B2: Woman, B3: Sultan, B4: Mangous Ye, C1: Anikana O, C2: Hollywood Party, C3: Spend The Night, C4: Big Noise, D1: Dance With The Parno, D2: Erotic Soul, D3: Point Zero, D4: Mangous Ye (Instrumental)

DJ Beppe Loda - Typhoon (The Afro Sound Of Typhoon) [2020]

A1: Jin-Go-Lo-Ba (Drums Of Passion), A2: Burundi Black, A3: Le Serpent, B1: Terra, B2: N'Gwode, B3: Somewhere In Africa, C1: Elastic Dance, C2: Jamaica Running, C3: Masimba Bele, D1: Mi-Yo, D2: Novela Das Nove, D3: Lady

DJ Beppe Loda - Typhoon (Portrait Of The Electronic Years) [2008]

A1: Lions, A2: Saving Grace, A3: Basic, A4: On The Way To Medora, B1: Sirius III Mark II, B2: Driving Blind: B3: Donkeys Bearing Cups, C1: Uranium, C2: Flying Turns, C3: Life In The Gladhouse, C4: Views Of The Rhine, D1: Volcano, D2: Discophrenia, D3: Typhoon

DJ Beppe Loda & DJ Fred - Typhoon Music Machine 4 [2006]

A: Loreena, B: Propaganda

DJ Beppe Loda & DJ Fred - Typhoon Music Machine 2 [2006]

A1: MC 1, A2: DM, B1: Electrolux, B2: Magnetic Field